Collectif COP15 - Enjeux

For Living Generations!

Biodiversity is facing a crisis without precedent in human history, and we must rethink our relationship with the natural world to ensure our own survival

The threat of extinction looming over nearly a million species worldwide is also a threat to our very existence. Our food, health, safety and well-being are at stake. Throughout the world, entire communities are already bearing the brunt of the forest destruction, ocean depletion, and the disappearance of life, accelerated by climate change. 

In December, Montreal will be hosting the UN COP15 on biodiversity, with the main objective of developing a common global framework to restore and protect nature by 2030. Civil society must seize this opportunity to urge governments to increase their levels of commitment. We must ensure that they do so while addressing specific, pressing issues and fully respecting all peoples and generations.

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