Collectif COP15’s demands to governments

To achieve the vision of living in harmony with nature by 2050, society must make safeguarding the living world a fundamental value.

COP15 represents a unique opportunityto adopt an ambitious, equitable global biodiversity framework that provides real hope for the planet.

We call on all governments to fulfill their responsibilities and set an example at COP15, taking tangible and transformative measures to safeguard the living world.

Underlying causes of nature’s decline

  • Eliminate investments for projects that threaten biodiversity
  • End mining and rebalance forest uses
  • Prioritize the protection of nature and ecological corridors in land use planning

Biodiversity and how it affects us

  • Protect 30% of the territory by 2030, including habitats of endangered species and natural environments that protect our health
  • Drastically reduce pesticide use and improve GMO traceability
  • Adopt a policy against food waste
  • Strengthen efforts to fight invasive alien species
  • Invest in restoring natural environments and maintaining ecological corridors

Inclusion and solidarity

  • Support conservation initiatives and governance for Indigenous peoples and local communities
  • Establish social dialogue mechanisms to ensure a fair and equitable transition

Government accountability

  • Adopt an act on government responsibility for nature protection
  • Fund implementation of the global framework here and internationally
  • Create new urban parks and fast-track protection of green and blue belts near major urban centres to promote access to waterways

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